Campaign Management

Campaigns allow you to interact with your target groups.

Campaign Management

We design all aspects of both offline and online marketing campaigns.

We have our own state-of-the-art letter shop service and a contact centre profit centre for inbound and outbound campaigns and activities. In addition, we utilise various tools to conduct integrated electronic campaigns (e-mails, SMS). We work with you, our client, and with your creative agencies to develop concepts which we then implement completely as a full-service provider. We also have our own warehouse, which means we can manage all aspects of fulfilment for you. Highly complex multi-stage mailing campaigns with multiple customisation options are our speciality. Every dialogue concept we develop is accompanied by a response management concept – we manage all handling operations using either an integrated or modular approach.


  • Dialogue strategies
  • Channel concepts
  • Campaign process design
  • Multi-stage, multi-channel strategies
  • Creation of networked digital concepts
  • Production consulting (print/POS)
  • Merchandise buying


  • Web portal for digital “ready to print”
  • Letter shop, digital printing
  • Machine + manual packaging
  • In/outbound contact centre
  • E-news (technical optimisations)
  • Mobile campaigns
  • Warehouse/inventory management
  • Response management
  • SMS dispatch